Blood Storage Solutions | Blood Banking Products

Source BioScience manufactures a number of other products all related to the detection of blood group antibodies or the storage of blood.

Reagent Grade Water

Reagent Grade Water is water processed through a reverse osmosis unit.View >


For the control of enzyme pre-treated red cellsView >

CryoProtectant Reagent

A suitable cryoprotectant reagent when red cells are to be stored in liquid nitrogenView >

Frozen Cell Recovery Solution (FCRS)

A hypertonic solution suitable for the recovery of red cells from the frozen stateView >

Modified Alsever's Solution

A reagent which stores red cells without compromising the cell membrane and the stability and function of the red cell antigensView >

Tris-Buffered Isotonic Saline (TBIS)

A laboratory solution suitable for washing platelets and other tissues.View >

Tris Wash Buffer (TWB)

Solution as our Tris-Buffered Isotonic Saline product with the addition of Igepal and Calcium chloride.View >

Neuraminidase Solution

A stable receptor destroying enzyme which has been prepared from Clostridium perfringensView >

Calcium chloride | Blood Coagulation Products

Product used in blood coagulation studiesView >

Copper Sulphate Solution

For haemoglobin screeningView >

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