The products are made specifically for blood banking serology laboratories and conform to the recognised blood banking authority’s recommendations and regulations. Our fluid reagents and diagnostic kits are manufactured in our state of the art facility in Rochdale to GMP standards.

We are the UK's largest supplier of Phosphate Buffered Serology Saline (PBSS) and also supply a variety of red cell support solutions including diagnostic kits, lectins and lectin extracts. We also manufacture a number of products used by tissue services for the storage and preservation of tissues.

Find your blood banking serology products using the categories below

Fetal Cell Detection Kits - Kleihauer Test

Source Bioscience provide a range of state of the art services and products to the healthcare industry, including Kleihauer tests.View >

Lectin Extracts | Rapid Slide Extracts

Anti-A1 (Dolichos), Anti-H (Ulex), Anti-T (Arachis) and Anti-N (Vicia)View >

Tissue Banking Reagents

A number of products used by tissue servicesView >

Low Ionic Strength Solutions | LISS Reagents

Low Ionic Strength Saline, LISS and LISSC made to Council of Europe recommendations and Low Ionic Strength Saline Additive ReagentView >

Blood Storage Solutions | Blood Banking Products

A variety of other blood banking productsView >

Lectin Seeds

Dolichos biflorus, Ulex europaeus, Vicia unijuga and Arachis hypogeaView >


Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH or MSDS) information sheets and Certificates of Analysis for all your blood banking serology products are available to download.

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