Pre-Prepared Slides

Pre-prepared slides are collected by courier and delivered next day to our facilities in Nottingham using a secure medical courier and tracking process to provide a timely, cost effective and safe support service to clients and their patients. Upon arrival they are logged and distributed to a consultant who is ready to report the case and email it back to your administrative hub using a state-of-the-art reporting service. Reports are then available electronically on our SPA (Secure Portal Access) within an average of 3 working days or they can be faxed or posted to the originating laboratory.

We are able to provide second opinion and Duty of Care services when required. These are conducted with the utmost confidentiality in full  accordance with GMC and RCPath guidelines. This aspect of our business provides confidence in diagnosis and channels knowledge in to other pathology centres adding to the skill base and improving awareness of uncommon cases.

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